Filmmaker, television host and actress, Marina Person graduated in Cinema from the University of São Paulo. For 18 years she worked as a VJ at MTV Brazil and for four years at TV Cultura. «Person», her first documentary feature is a film about the loss of her father, brazilian filmmaker Luiz Sergio Person, who died in a car accident at 39. The film had a world premiere in Locarno Film Festival in 2007.
She co directed the short film «Today’s Special», winner of the prize of Best Direction in Gramado Film Festival and RioCine, in Brazil.In 2016, she released her first fictional feature film, “California”. The film had a premiere at Rotterdam Film Festival and was in many film festivals around the world such as Tribeca, Krakow, Torino, Huelva, Malmö and Sao Paulo International Film Festival.
In 2016 she starred the feature film «Ballad of Return”, directed by Gustavo Rosa de Moura, with João Miguel in the cast. She directed the documentary series «Rompendo o Silêncio» on HBO, which premiered in September 2021. The series outlines a panorama of violence that occurs in Brazilian Universities in episodes that focus on Hazing, Rapes, Sexual Harassment, Moral and Psychological Violence and Discrimination.
For Netflix, she directed one episode for the hit series «Back to 15», that stars Maisa and reached #1 in Brazil (and was among top 10 in many countries). Marina is also the producer of the feature film «She and I», a co-production by Mira Filmes with FOX Brasil, which stars Andrea Beltrão, Mariana Lima, Du Moscovis, Lara Tremouroux, Karine Telles and Jessica Ellen in the cast. Now she awaits the premiere of «Godless John».

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