Paz Lázaro is the Head of Content at EXILE, a media company dedicated to acquiring and developing premium original content for audiences across the U.S. and Latin America. In her role, she oversees content, acquisitions, development processes, relationships with talent and buyers, intellectual property searches, and packaging. She also serves as a Senior Advisor and Selection Committee Member of the Berlinale. In her seventeen years curating for the festival, she is the delegate for Spain and Latin America, screens and evaluates film submissions for features and documentaries, and is a part of the “Berlinale Series” selection committee since its founding. Furthermore, Paz both directed and curated the Official Programme section Panorama. Lázaro has also worked in film and theatre production, collaborating with the likes of ICAA in Spain, ICAU in Uruguay, FOPROCINE in Mexico for IMCINE, Torino Film Lab, the Match Factory, and Ibermedia, among others and holds a Master of Arts in Spanish Philology, English Philology, and Sociology. She is based in Madrid, Spain.

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